Hello, I am experimenting with Ping.fm today.

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Want to learn how to brand your own YouTUBE channel? Here’s how from Incitrio: http://ping.fm/Igsve

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Busy creating a branded YouTube channel for one of Incitrio’s alternative energy clients. Cool stuff, man!

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Fantastic tips for boosting your online presence and increasing your revenue from Incitrio. Enjoy! http://ping.fm/4n3hO

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You can help. iLoveSchools.com looking for volunteers to help man their tradeshow booth this Saturday. Email: valarie@iloveschools.com

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Cause: We are entering a new era of employee volunteerism. House passes bill to establish new National Service Corp initiatives and expand AmeriCorps from 75k to 250k. http://budurl.com/yyvh

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Just setup my Ping.fm account to manage all of my social networks in one place. Check it out!

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